Grape OPC Antioxidants

What is the stuff you are swallowing down your throat?

Factor 1. Invented in France

France has a 60-year history of OPC extraction and purification, at least 3 decades more than any other countries. Professor Jacques Masquelier (1922-2009), a French scientist discovered oligomeric proanthocyandins (OPC) first from peanut skins and then discovered OPC as French maritime pine bark extract about 6 decades ago. He also discovered the 3rd OPC extract - a grape seed extract by 1970. In the early 1990s, the world-famous term “French Paradox” was born as an epidemiological theory of French heart health and longevity related to their culture of grapes and wine, which contain the most powerful anti-aging natural product OPCs and other polyphenol antioxidants such as catechin, epicatechin, anthocyanins, quercetin, myricetin, resveratrol, etc.

Factor 2. OPC extracts made in different countries

Any countries other thanFrancehave worked on OPC extraction and purification technologies for fewer than 3 decades -- a difference of more than 3 decades! Currently, a Switzerland-based company makes French maritime pine bark extract; a Netherlands-based company makes French maritime pine bark extract; a Japan-based company makes French maritime pine bark extract; and a China-based company makes French maritime pine bark extract -- while our OPC ingredients are made in native French companies!    

Factor 3. Credibility

OPC supplement ingredients made in France have the recognized original strength due to their more advanced extraction technologies and the geographical advantages. Our OPC extract manufacturers native in France are more transparent (and hence more credible) than any other OPC manufacturers in specifying the true content of oligomeric proanthocyanidins in their ingredients, while the content of procyanidin oligomers has been made very mysterious by most of other manufacturers across the world.

Factor 4. Quality difference

The majority of grape seed extracts and pine bark extracts in the market contain high molecular weight tannins / polymeric proanthocyanidins -- passing through human body without absorption. The high molecular weight tannins / proanthocyanidin polymers can be easily detected by HPLC and LC-MS in analytical chemistry labs, and are potentially harmful to human health by interference with mineral absorption as strong metal chelators. The FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC antioxidants are made of 3 OPC extracts free of polymeric proanthocyanidins.

Factor 5. Price difference

In terms of the isotonic OPC ingredient price, French maritime pine bark extract OPC of high quality, made in France (US$2,000-3,000 each kilogram), is about 30 times as expensive as a Chinese pine bark extract! China is one of big suppliers of raw OPC ingredients to North America, clearly due to the cheap prices, but low quality ingredient OPC.

Factor 6. Transparency of ingredient specifications

Most consumers don’t know the ingredient quality for their OPC products. Most of the makers and sellers don’t tell the consumers who make their OPC ingredients, and/or don’t give any fair details of the OPC specifications. The “trade secrets” are all about big profits from cheap ingredients in order to avoid competition, causing unfair competition in this sector of industry. OPC consumers are real victims of the “trade secrets”. The sellers of OPC products have the obligation to declare the makers and detailed specifications of the raw ingredients on the product labels and/or in the sellers’ web sites. The consumers would have the option to trace back some scientific data about information of the raw ingredients. Traceable and credible scientific data are much more meaningful than testimonials. The consumers of isotonic OPC 3 month supply products should be aware that testimonials posted on sellers' web site are just marketing tricks of the OPC sellers. The testimonials are often meaningless or nonsense, as a seller can make testimonials in any ways the seller wants to make. Sellers may not ever publish any negative feedbacks on their own web sites even they receive!          

Isotonic OPC Antioxidants, Inc. is the first to adopt this new standard of raw ingredient declaration of isotonic OPC products in this sector of industry for fair competition, benefiting ordinary consumers. We do receive a lot of positive testimonials  for our products. It is often unlawful to post the testimonials, based on regulations of US food and drug administration (FDA) on dietary supplement.

Factor 7. Credibility of our nutraceutical manufacturer

Our FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC antioxidants are made in a large and premier nutraceutical manufacturer in US, which is Natural Product Association GMP-certified manufacturer (NPA-GMP). Among thousands and thousands of food and nutritional supplement manufacturers in US, only about 90 are so far certified as NPA-GMP. Very few nutraceutical manufacturers in the world can match with ours in terms of the long history, the recognized credibility, the strong experience, and the highest standards in the nutraceutical industry to make high quality OPC.                               

Factor 8. Credibility of the seller

FrenchGlory ® isotonic OPC antioxidants are sold by a Natural Product Association member. We declare, while other OPC sellers hide the detailed OPC specifications

For example, there are so many claims of “best”, “original”, “finest”, and “true OPC”. Many OPC ingredients are sold in US in the names of “French maritime pine bark extract,” “French red wine extract”, and “French grape seed extract”, while some of them do not provide a clue where those OPCs are made and certified. Those sellers just sell their empty claims of “the finest”, “the best" and "true OPC" ingredients. Things are wrong that every seller (or maker) claims “the best” while hiding the critical ingredient information – the detailed specifications of OPC.

Factor 9. Polyphenol content:

Our French maritime pine bark extract and grape seed extract have a total polyphenol content of 96% or higher, better than those of any other competing OPC.

Factor 10. How much quality OPC there in each seaving?

Our OPC90 contains 90 mg of highest quality OPC extract each serving, and OPC150 contains 150 mg. You need to combine 2 factors - the quality and quantity, to make your decision to purchase. Do understand what an isotonic OPC product is made of and what you are buying!                                                 

† These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration.

FrenchGlory® isotonic OPC antioxidants are nutritional supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, care for or prevent any diseases.

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