Grape seed extract OPC

Red Wine Extract OPC Containing Resveratrol

We guarantee the net powder weight of 300 gram each bottle of our OPC products.

The major complaint from our customers is that the number of servings each bottle is not enough to be 90. But honestly, we cannot guarantee how many servings for each bottle of our isotonic OPC products.

The issue is how much powder you use for each serving. Most people take more than recommended, and hence the total number of servings is reduced. If you take more than the recommended 3.33 g powder, you benefit yourself at slightly higher costs, without any harm or side effects to you.

Another related complaint from our customers is that the measuring scoop is not accurate.

We do wish to apologize for this. We do not have a better way to measure the powder accurately. We supply with a 5 mL scoop, which is free to our customers. You only need roughly 3/4 of a scoop for the 3.33 g powder. The 5 mL measuring scoop is made in US and is affordable to every one.

The cost would be too high if we make specially the measuring scoop of the exact amount. Even if the accurate scoop is made, it is an issue whether the powder can be measured accurately by all customers. It is more or less inaccurate as it is loose powder.

The cost would be also too high if each serving of the 3.33 g powder is sealed in a packet. The packaging cost would be such a big burden for customers to afford this line of high quality of nutritional products.

We do our best way to reduce the costs. But we are occasionally misunderstood for our good faith effort to offer the best products at low prices.

We are honest to discuss these issues openly, so that we do seek the continued support from our customers.

Thank you!

Isotonic OPC Antioxidants, Inc.

PS: We do welcome any comments and complaints about our OPC products, and would be happy to discuss them openly in the public.

Honest and truthfulness are the philosophy we do business.

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