FrenchGlory® OPC150 or OPC-150

The favored product

OPC150 is the excellent dietary supplement for people of some medical conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies, inflammatory and blood glucose issues.

OPC150 is all natural and does not contain any artificial flavor or artificial sweetener.

The highest potency

FrenchGlory OPC150 is formulated for the highest potency and the most effectiveness to improve the human health.

Real people & their identities for FrenchGlory® OPC

We have a strong scientific and management team in France who are behind the OPC raw ingredients of FrenchGlory® OPC: the real people with public identities!

The most transparent scientific specifications

Our OPC ingredients for OPC90, OPC110 and OPC150 are backed by solid and unmatched scientific data published for EVERY ONE to read, while our competitors don't even dare to disclose their specifications in their websites for the public to view.

Slightly bitter background taste

OPC150 has slightly a bitter background taste. Many customers have the preference for less sweet taste and for real OPC bitter taste similar to beer or wine.

OPC150 provides the best health benefits. But it is impossible to adapt to every one's taste, because different people have different preferences.

As pure OPC is bitter and astringent, the increase of OPC concentration tends to change the taste and requires additional sweetener/sugar to cover up the bitter taste.  The question is whether we should add more sweetener/sugar to OPC150.

Sugar or sweetener may be added

OPC150 is less sweet for people who don't like sweetness. The taste can be easily changed by adding a quarter teaspoon of cane sugar or sweetener (e.g. Splenda® - sucralose) in each serving. Isotonics is not affected much if only small amount of material is added, as isotonics has a variable range of solute concentration.

Consumers have their own choices to add or not add more sweetener/sugar to OPC150.

Remember the FrenchGlory® Brand

Please remember that FrenchGlory® brand OPC150 and OPC90 products are the best. Do not be confused by other brand names, under which OPC-150 OPC-90 are also used.

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Red Wine Extract OPC Containing Resveratrol

FrenchGlory® OPC150 is a unique product in the world's market of OPC antioxidants, with unmatched quality and reasonable price.

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